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From Orthodox to Roman Catholic
Question from Brent Alan Mitchel-Gaudet on 08-08-2013:

I am an Orthodox Christian who after much prayer, has made the decision to embrace the Roman tradition. I have heard many different opinions as to the process of " converting" from Orthodox to Roman. I don't think "Conversion" is the correct term, as we are all Catholic. What do I need to do? With love in Christ, Brent

Answer by David Gregson on 08-09-2013:

Although as an Orthodox Christian, you already share most of our Catholic beliefs, there are practices, devotions, etc., that you will need to become familiar with. I encourage you to find a Catholic parish near you and speak to the priest. Tell him you are interested in their RCIA program (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults), which is offered annually and begins in the fall. It runs from September through the Easter Vigil, when you would be received into the Church. God bless you and guide you as you consider this important development in your life.