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Marrying young
Question from Anonymous on 08-08-2013:

My fiancÚ and I are 18 and 19 years old, we both are practicing Catholics, and we want to get married in the Catholic Church. My parents don't exactly approve of the marriage because my fiancÚ is not planning to college but will go to vocational school instead. Will the Catholic Church marry us even though my parents don't want us to marry?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 08-08-2013:


Your parents are not the ones getting married. It is you and your fiancÚ who are entering marriage and must do so freely. While a priest or deacon might want to give you and your fiancÚ more counseling than is the norm to ensure that you are fully prepared for marriage, a Catholic wedding celebrant will not deny the sacrament of matrimony to legal adults merely because the parents of those adults do not approve.

By the way, depending on what your fiancÚ intends to study, vocational school can prepare someone for a lucrative career that provides well for a family. For example, plumbers and mechanics command nice salaries and offer services that are well suited for freelance bartering.

Michelle Arnold
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