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praying the rosary
Question from Anonymous on 08-06-2013:

Hello Judie, If someone were to pray the rosary for the unborn at different times in the same day, such as once in the morning before work, once during lunch break, and then once again before bed that same day, would they say the same mysteries for that day each time they pray the rosary that day or should they say three different sets of mysteries for each one. For example, if it is a Monday and the Joyful mysteries are said on Mondays, would they say the Joyful mysteries for each of the three rosaries said on Monday or should the say the Joyful mysteries once and then two different of the other mysteries (like one Sorrowful and one Glorious)?

Answer by Judie Brown on 08-06-2013:

Dear Anonymous

I would say the mysteries according to the timeline of the Gospels. In other words if you say three Rosaries daily, I would start with the Joyful, then the Sorrowful, and so on. No need to say the same mysteries three times a day.