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Question from Don on 08-02-2013:

Hello, Judie, It is a sad day here in my state. Gay mariages are now allowed, and the media is presenting it as if it were a wonderful thing. When I was a boy there used to be long lines at confession every Saturday afternoon, yet, today despite there being hundreds attending Mass, maybe five of us go to Saturday confession. Divorce used to be very, very rare; now it's very, very frequent. Abortion and homosexual activity used to be against the law; now they're legal and apparently approved by the majority of people.

What can be done, Judie, to withstand the depression, helplessness and futility that I feel?

Answer by Judie Brown on 08-02-2013:

Dear Don

What can be done is that which the Lord instructs, by His own life and His call to each of us ... we must continue to persist in our efforts to teach and preach truth, we must continue to believe that though the times can invite feelings of depression, helplessness and depression, we are called to be faithful to Him, the One who died for you, for me and for all children of God.

In so doing we experience the joy of HIs love and His presence at our side at every moment.

As my spiritual director always said, God is in charge and nobody beats God. In human terms, the solution is impossible, but in God nothing is impossible.

Judie Brown