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LGBT parties
Question from M.S. on 08-01-2013:

Is it a sin to converse and involve yourself with lesbians, gays, or transgender people? For example, my cousin is gay and has a partner. He has a pool party every summer and I just can't bring myself to decide whether to go. I'm afraid that going would be supporting homosexual lifestyle. I like my cousin and I treat him and his partner like everyone else. I don't discriminate; I just don't know what to do when they have their own events.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 08-01-2013:


It depends to a large extent on the circumstances. Would going to this party give people the impression that you have no problem with your cousin's life choices? Would there be children present who could be scandalized and/or have their moral formation corrupted? Will those at this pool party be engaged in immodest or sexually suggestive behavior? Those are the kinds of questions you'll have to ask yourself and then make your own decision.

Michelle Arnold
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