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Prayers to restore a friendship
Question from Roxanne on 07-29-2013:

Judie, Do you know of any prayers dedicated to restoring a lost friendship? I have a friend who has turned away from God's example and has become cynical, mean-spirited, and abusive. When I offered to serve as a sounding board, he dumped me, saying that he has changed and that we are no longer in the same place in life. I don't know what is going on, but I want to pray that this friendship can be repaired and that my friend will return to following Christ's example. How can I pray for this with compassion and open-heartedness?

Answer by Judie Brown on 08-02-2013:


Prayer for healing friendship

Lord, please give me the strength to get through these tough times concerning my friend/relationship with INSERT NAME

I am believing God for FAVOR and RESTORATION ... that God give me an opportunity to make good on the hurt that I have caused this person, re-acting/responding via my own insecurities to his silence & distance for it was never my intention. I pray that God will help guide us through whatever seems to be troubling him and deliver him from all of it ... that God will comfort my friend in knowing that I will be here no matter what happens ... let NAME know how much I love and cherish him and want to make our friend/relationship work. Help heal the hurt that we both are experiencing from words of anger and frustration, and help us mend our broken hearts.

I pray that God will help us work out our misunderstandings so that we can begin to enjoy the great love and friend/relationship that we have for one another. I pray in Jesus Name that He will speak to NAMEís heart and give us the opportunity to talk and clear up all misunderstandings, even if itís just for one moment. I ask this through Christ, our Lord,