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The use of condoms, a lesser evil?
Question from Curious George on 07-28-2013:

Given fallen human nature, is it better to tolerate (not necessarily approve of) the use of condoms or to allow more abortions than might otherwise be unneseccary.

Answer by Judie Brown on 08-01-2013:


The "tolerance" of condoms is unacceptable. The allowance of abortions is also unacceptable.

What is missing from your question is the overall blessing of children that a newly married couple who understood Catholic teaching would be more than happy to agree with because while a married couple might like to postpone another child, they believe that if God blesses them with his gift of a child, the couple welcomes that child for love of each other and the Lord.

Finally, George, an abortion is never necessary in the same way that murdering one's two year old is never necessary.

Judie Brown