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Sex ethics for married senior citizens 7-14-2013
Question from Anon on 07-24-2013:

Hi Judy, I have always respected your opinions and followed your direction. For the topic response you referred the inquirer to the following website: http://www.catechism.cc/articles/QA.htm The resource person for this is Ronald Conte Jr. I have been reading Mr. Conte's works for days on that website as well as others. Specifically section 1 of the initial website contains good points although in later portions of the document catholic priests have different opinions. Mr. Conte has a B.S. degree in philosophy/theology. Even on Mr. Conte's website he indicates: "Please do not contact me to inform me that I must be mistaken on some point of theology merely because you have a different opinion". Delusions of grandeur or severe myopia? He apparently has garnered a lot of controversy as evidenced from the following website which depicts his persona: http--www.catholicplanetfalsehoods.com Please review the aforementioned website. The aspect of Mr. Conte's works that disturb me is that he indeed touches upon salient points of truth in the catholic church although he tosses in his perceptive opinions as that which should be...nothing else is acceptable. Please Judy...take the time to read the aforementioned website ie.falsehoods and let me know your thought(s). Thank you for your precious time. May the peace of Christ be with you.

Answer by Judie Brown on 07-27-2013:

Good point Anon.

I have taken the response down.

Judie Brown