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Question from Paul Pakstis on 07-23-2013:

Hi Judie, Thank you for all of your pro-life and pro-traditional Marriage efforts!! I just wanted to alert everyone that if teachers present marriage as better between one man and one woman, then they will probably very shortly be subject to fines, prison, or hate crimes!!!!!!!! (Documentation for this is to google hate crimes and marriage. One example is: (www.wayoflife.org/index_files/706fe196bc5dd606). Also, Supreme Court Justice Scalia explains in his minority rebuttal report that soon antidiscrimination laws will be abused, due to Justice Kennedy’s claim that only malice motivates traditionally defined Marriage!! The time to prevent this was in Nov. 2008 before the U.S. Presidential election! Obama's Supreme Court nominees are Sonya Sotomeyor and Elaina Keegan, who are two of the most pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage, and anti-religious freedom (not just pro-religious WORSHIP) judges!!(due to their long history of voting this way) Fifty three percent of the American people, including Catholics, were tricked into looking only at entitlements and other short term financial gifts, instead of Obama's Godless (radically pro-abortion(Obama voted three times against the Born Alive Protection Act), pro-same-sex marriage, and anti-religious freedom) Supreme Court nominees!!! Why are not the Bishops yelling this at the top of their lungs, despite that most people may not listen!! They must be the light in the darkness, even if most people do not listen!!! Also, this is why Notre Dame should not have given Obama a honorary doctorate, and The Eucharist should have been denied to Nancy Polosi, Joe Biden, and Kathleen Sebelius!! These politicians vote extremely radical for abortion, non-traditional marriage, and against religious freedom!!! Do the Bishops at least now see that these actions helped "Intrinsic Evils" to become law!? "Actions speak louder than words!" (P.S. I know that this is harsh, but about 2/3 of our sincere bishops are warning the laity. It is only the other 1/3 of the bishops, who are weak due to what Pope Benedict called “The Tyranny of Relativism!!!!!!!!”) Thank You. (Paul Pakstis)

Answer by Judie Brown on 07-27-2013:


Yes the future does not look at all friendly to those who teach the truth. Our suggestion is that when anyone says "gay marriage" we respond with "holy matrimony" which is not possible between two people of the same sex.

Confronting evil head on requires a good grasp of the natural law and God's truth. The Bishops do not see this at all. If they did we would have stopped aborting children long ago.

Judie Brown