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Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians
Question from peter wilson on 07-16-2013:

It seems as if this questin is never resolved. You have Pelosi and Cuomo urging ever more hard lines on abortion and yet they are still able to receive the Eucharist. I don't understand why they are NOT formally excommunicated and so notified of their excommunication officially. And yet a divorced and remarried couple I know cannot (and DO NOT) receive when they go to Mass. Isn't this a bit skewed? I'm very troubled by this contradiction and lack of unified episcopal action.

Answer by Judie Brown on 07-17-2013:


The situation you describe is not only skewed but disturbing on many levels. What is most exasperating about it is that the Bishops themselves do not apparently see their own hypocrisy! Why do they not obey Canon Law? Good question with no honest answer other than the possibility that they are more politically motivated than faith- motivated.

This is the very premise of my book: THE BROKEN PATH (www.brokenpathbook.com)

Judie Brown