EWTN Catholic Q&A
Question from Anon on 07-10-2013:

What exactly is Faith? Is it a feeling or a state of mind? I hear everywhere that if I have faith my prayer will be answered. How do I know when my faith is strong enough to obtain an answer? I spend so much time worrying if my prayer is granted that I am starting to force myself to believe. Is this what real faith is? I am so confused. Even at times when I do seem to have faith, it seems to be a fickle emotion. Help me understand what real faith is so I can truly have my prayers answered.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10-16-2013:

Dear Anon,

Real faith is saying your prayers with the confidence that God will answer them. But often it does not seem that He answers them. But always does. He give us what is good for us. But we often do not appreciate what is good for us. We then feel that God has not answered us. But he has. After enough of those types of experience we begin to get the idea that God's ways are infinitely better that our ways. We are then able to want without getting impatient, without feeling there is something wrong with our faith. There's nothing wrong with your faith! You are still praying, aren't you.

Dr. Geraghty