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Question from Michael on 07-09-2013:

Hi Judie,

The Irish government will be voting tomorrow (july 10th) to legalise abortion (murder) for the first time in Ireland. On preliminary voting several of the deputies voted against this law and were subsequently fired under the dictate of the prime minister Enda Kenny (who happens to be Catholic). Kenny says that the majority want this legislation to be passed (which is simply not true). We have had massive pro life rallies,the latest one being last Saturday. The Irish population are not being given the opportunity to vote (have a referendum on this) PM Kenny says that anyone of his deputies who vote against this will lose their jobs, didn't know we were living in a dictatorship..Could you please ask all those who watch EWTN to pray for Ireland at this time, Thank you,Michael

Answer by Judie Brown on 07-09-2013:


This is a tragic situation for the land of the Irish, not to mention the world. We will all be praying for Ireland.

Judie Brown