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Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be
Question from Jean M on 07-09-2013:

I have often heard the phrase 'everything is exactly the way it's supposed to be' to indicate that everything on earth is how God wants it to be. It indicates that 'God is in charge'. I most often hear this from people who are in some kind of recovery program. I am uncomfortable with the phrase. While I do not ever argue that with the individuals, I cannot look at this world and think, for even a moment, that this is all what God intends. That is not what Jesus taught. I do believe that when I make effort to listen to and serve God, that what I experience in a day God is allowing.

Would you please clarify these two concepts from the philosophy of Catholic teachings and spirituality?

Thank you.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10-12-2013:

Dear Jean,

God controls everything. Although he created every thing and it was good, sin entered the world through the fallen angels and Adam and Eve. Intelligent creature introduced moral evil into the world, the only kind of evil there really is. The rest of creation continues to follow out the designs God programmed in them. Yet God is an expert in drawing good out of evil. He will not evil win out ultimately. But it has its short term victories. But God will be the long time winner on the Day of the Last Judgment. Then we will understand all God's ways. But now we can only have faith in God's way because it seems to us that the devil is winning the battle. It takes faith to see that God is still watching over the world with great affection and power.

Dr. Geraghty