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Advanced Care Directive
Question from SJS on 07-07-2013:

In Oregon, hospitals are asking, some promoting, Advanced Care directives for patients. There is a guide & legal form that can be filed with doctor & hospital. My question is how to use this or not in relationship to a Living Will??? I have read through the guide and if one appoints Health care Representatives and directs the directive to follow the teachings of the Church, it seems to be ok as a stand alone document. I see the key element in this is representatives that are grounded in their Catholic faith & care for the loved one in a health situation where they cannot speak for themselves. A problem with this directive is that it is not dynamic to changes in medical breakthroughs or practices that may be available after the document was created..... At this point, I am more inclined to trust my wife & brother a Doctor to be my representatives & fill out the directive & give it only to them...... I'm torn on how to approach this important issue correctly, carefully & be in harmony with the teachings of the Church. God Bless; SJS

Answer by Judie Brown on 07-09-2013:

Dear SJS

The best alternative to these forms is a life affirming LOVING WILL. I am passing your email on to our office and they will send you information.

These documents, such as those being used in Oregon, are not designed to agree with Catholic teaching while the LOVING WILL is.

Judie Brown