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Regarding "the talk" and "teenage boy."
Question from Adele on 07-05-2013:

Wow, this topic has been carrying on for a while. Honestly, I have to agree with Jessica. It is important to instruct our kids in what they should know and at the appropriate age. I also feel that Alana is doing what she believes any wise and caring mother would do. But I do not know what "teenage boy" means by saying that a girl should never have this discussion with her mother. There is need for an intellectual and loving conversation between a parent and his or her child regarding the sharing of this information. It is not wise to have a young person learning information from their peers, or from the internet, as (especially) not from a young man) as this can lead to confusion and anxiety on the part of the teen. Furthermore, so much information on this subject is deeply anti-Catholic, and on the whole, should not be readily available to them. Honestly. Adele

Answer by Judie Brown on 07-06-2013:


Thank you for your insightful comments.

The conversation does go on, but it is helpful to those reading it.

Judie Brown