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Supreme Court Decision on Mariage
Question from Mark Widtfeldt on 06-30-2013:


As a Catholic I am puzzled by the lack of a loud and vocal response to the Supreme Courts ruling on Mariage. Why is there no outcry from the church or any other Christian Church?

Are we to locked in on "political correctness". This has lead to the loss of many parishioners who have lost their trust in the Church but have not lost their faith. Where is the voice of our leadership? Where is the condemnation of these actions?

Where are the Christian values being shouted out to the Supreme Court? Why the silence?

I am concerned and dispointed. Help us, speak out.

Sorry about the spelling. The message is more important.

Answer by Judie Brown on 07-03-2013:


Indeed it would seem that the Church is attempting political correctness once again, but the wonderful attorneys at ALLIANCE DEFENSE FUND are not being silent on this matter. There is hope where there is a faithful response to evil. We must persist.

Judie Brown