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Re: the talk with daughter?
Question from alana on 06-29-2013:

Dear Judie, I recently read a post on this forum which I strongly disagree with. Personally, I do not believe that a thirteen or fourteen-year-old is mature enough to have "the talk" with. Quite frankly, though my 17-yr. old daughter recently came to me asking to have it with her, I told her that she is still too young; 19 or 20 seems the appropriate age to me. She is not dating, after all, and therefore, I do not believe that she needs to be informed about sex at all. I am correct in believing this, or do I need to be enlightened? Thank you, Alana

Answer by Judie Brown on 07-03-2013:

Dear Alana

Thank you for your input. Each child is different and it is wonderful to read something from a mother who cares as deeply as you do.

Judie Brown