EWTN Catholic Q&A
Question from bruno pestic on 06-28-2013:

You are correct in asking "where are the Bishops?" And yes,we should pray for them. BUt where is the Pope on these matters? Why is he not condemning the Bishops? When the Pope was here in NYC at St Patricks cathedral, both Kennedy and Pelosi, as well as another public figure, received Holy Communion?!Do the clergy actually believe in what they preach? What signal is that sending to the other members of the faith as well as the rest of the world? What Doctrine is being taught? Dark times are hear and they are getting darker.God Bless you for all the great work you do Judy.

Answer by Judie Brown on 07-03-2013:


I cannot speak for the Holy Father, but I know that he is challenged by much the same problem in many countries. Let us pray for him as well, after all, he is asking for our prayers.

Judie Brown