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Nancy Pelosi
Question from JP on 06-28-2013:

Hello Judy and thank you for calling evil evil! Our Bishops need to do the same andd speak what they (hopefully) believe and what the Church teaches on the sacredness of life. After Pelosi's recent rant about abortion being sacred ground and in keeping with her Catholic faith our Bishops may do well to re-read the Gospels where our Blessed Lord called the Scribes and Pharisees what they were - hypocrites! He didn't mince words when it was called for, why can't our Bishops do the same? What are they afraid of? If there ever was a time to publicly excommunicate Mrs. Pelosi it is now! It seems evil in the Church is everywhere, even at the highest levels.....

Answer by Judie Brown on 07-03-2013:


Right now the devil is having a field day in the Church, but we must continue to pray, fast and hope for in Christ all will work out for His greater glory, not man's.

Judie Brown