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Genesis and evolution
Question from Fabio Rocha on 06-21-2013:

I wanted to send this question to Apologetics but the bin is full. I understand that Genesis is not a scientific explanation of creation. What I don't understand is this: Pope Pius XII said "All men have descended from an individual, Adam, who has transmitted original sin to all mankind. Catholics may not, therefore, believe in 'polygenism',the scientific hypothesis that mankind descended from a group of original humans". So its ok to believe in theistic evolution, which means God may had created Man out of a pre-existing matter (lets say some kind of being SIMILAR to an ape) and infused a human soul. Now, couldn't this ancestor be more than one (because this ancestor had to come from another ancestors) on earth? I find hard to scientifically believe that there were ONLY ONE ancestor on earth and not more than one (polygenism)that populated the whole planet, forming humankind. Can you help me understand better?

Answer by Judie Brown on 06-25-2013:


Catholic Answers has dealt with this question via an article entitled ADAM, EVE and EVOLUTION. See http://www.catholic.com/tracts/adam-eve-and-evolution

Judie Brown