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Baptism of desire for unborn babies?
Question from JakeSqqq on 06-19-2013:

Will unborn babies get a baptism of desire to get to heaven? How likely is it? The Council of Trent Session IV says "4. If anyone denies that infants, newly born from their mothers' wombs, are to be baptized, even though they be born of baptized parents, or says that they are indeed baptized for the remission of sins,[14] but that they derive nothing of original sin from Adam which must be expiated by the laver of regeneration for the attainment of eternal life, whence it follows that in them the form of baptism for the remission of sins is to be understood not as true but as false, let him be anathema, for what the Apostle has said, by one man sin entered into the world, and by sin death, and so death passed upon all men, in whom all have sinned,[15] is not to be understood otherwise than as the Catholic Church has everywhere and always understood it." Do you think the babies going to hell or limbo is a great pro-life agrument to use on pro-choice catholics? Thanks.

Answer by Judie Brown on 06-25-2013:

Dear Jake

We entrust the loves of aborted babies to God, knowing that in Him justice and mercy exist for every soul. Nobody has ever said that the Church teaches these victims of direct murder will go the hell or even to limbo. But again, that is God's domain, and we trust in His love for His preborn children, given as each of them is, as His gift to the parents.

Judie Brown