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Good luck charms
Question from Celine on 06-16-2013:

My sister insists on buying good luck charms. She has bought rabbit's foot, horseshoe, etc. I keep on telling her that she should place her faith in God and not on objects but she won't listen. Does God approve of good luck charms or is that kind of like making objects their god?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 06-17-2013:


Most people who own such objects do not place any real faith in the idea that such objects will bring good luck. For the most part, traditional charms (such as a rabbit's foot or a horseshoe) are valued for their decorative charm. Rather than speculate over your sister's relationship with God or suggest that she is engaging in idolatry, perhaps you might ask her to explain to you why she values these items. If she just thinks they're cute, fun, or in some other way merely decorative, I recommend that you no longer worry about them.

Michelle Arnold
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