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Reverence before and after Mass
Question from Anonymous on 06-10-2013:

I have found myself becoming more and more upset by the atmosphere at my parish before and after Mass. It seems to have become a "social hour" for many. I admit to giving "the look" to people that are chatting, which I know is wrong, too. What is the proper thing to do in these instances? Mind my own business? Thanks for your guidance.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 06-17-2013:


Ideally, congregants would treat churches with as much respect as they do courtrooms and libraries by maintaining a respectful silence while inside space set aside for the worship of God. Practically speaking, it's better to accept that this seems to be a hill pastors no longer want to die on and so they often won't enforce the idea of sacred silence. If they won't do so, you can't do so, so offer up your upset, try to let distractions flow by, and do your best to concentrate on Jesus. You could also look around for adoration chapels in your area, where sacred silence still seems to be honored for the most part, and set aside some time to visit Jesus on a regular basis in an adoration chapel.

Michelle Arnold
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