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Re-defining family?
Question from paige on 06-10-2013:

It is very upsetting to me how every single television network(which claims to be supporting good, family values) is trying to re-define family life as something which is not solely begun between a man and a woman. My daughter was recently watching a show which aired a promotional video during a commercial break (remember, this network is supposed to be "family-friendly")for a new television series which promotes adoption, but by a homosexual married couple. My mother was adopted, and I believe that it is as a beautiful way to embrace life for those who cannot conceive, as well as for those who feel they are called to expand their family through adoption. But what has this world come to? Kids all over the world, including Christians, are being infected by the notion that marriage is not an institution between one man and woman. Between this and the boy scouts issue, I do not know what to think of our world today.

Answer by Judie Brown on 06-11-2013:

We are definitely going through some trying times, and we must pray more fervently for a dramatic turnabout. We must ask God to return hearts and minds to a culture where fundamental values, as we knew them, are appreciated and upheld once again in our world.

Judie Brown