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Public excommunication
Question from Mary on 06-05-2013:

Dear Judie,

If our bishops (and Cardinal Dolan especially) would publically excommunicate and forbid Holy Communion to pro-abort politicians (in obedience to Canon 915), wouldn't this have a greater impact than all the efforts of the pro-life movement?

Our pastor once said that if a scantily clad woman provoked impure thoughts, she is responsible for that sin whether she knows it or not. Wouldn't this apply also the sins and sacrilege of pro-abort politicians who should have been chasticed and excommunicated?

If this is so, many of our bishops are in deep spiritual trouble and their immortal souls are in dire jeopardy.

If these conclusions could come into my thoughts (and yours), why aren't our bishops worried---very worried!!

Thank you and God bless! Mary

Answer by Judie Brown on 06-10-2013:

Dear Mary,

You are perfectly correct in your observation. Unfortunately, many of our bishops are political themselves and do not want to publicly chastise those who are blatantly showing such sinful examples as being openly pro-abortion. As you say, "many of our bishops are in deep spiritual trouble" and we just continue to pray for them.

Judie Brown