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the universe
Question from Julie on 06-01-2013:

I was wondering if we can suppose that once sin entered the earth if perhaps its effects also continued passed the earth into the universe? Or is that too ego-centric? Is the universe "good" as God made earth and just as it should be with its black holes and etc? I am interested in what is beyond "us" and the universe is so vast that I thought our first parent's "sin" might have been so extreme and truly damaging as to not be limited to this planet? Thank you.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10-06-2013:

Dear Julie,

All the works of God are good--even mandating sharks, mosquitoes, and snakes. The only evil in the world is moral evil, which is the result of angels and men disobeying God. All other creatures are programed by God to operate as they do. Now it is no fun to be eaten by a shark or given a disease by a mosquito. But neither the shark nor the mosquito is doing evil. Only human murderers, rapists, or robbers do evil. At the same time those who are murdered, raped or robbed so not become evil. But they suffer evil. They are not guilty for what happens to them.

Dr. Geraghty