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questions never answered?
Question from anonymous on 05-30-2013:

I really like this forum, but i have questions sent in to the pro-life forum(submitted months ago)which were never answered. It said that they would be answered within at least two weeks. . . It seems to me like most of the "answers" on this board simply reiterate previously submitted ones. For a long time, the only questions answered on here were about the washing of women's feet, many of which were already eloquently answered! My questions are highly important to me, and as I am new to the Catholic Faith, I am seeking a lot of answers. Has anyone else encountered the same problem?

Answer by Judie Brown on 05-31-2013:

Dear Anonymous

If you post a question to the pro-life Forum which is not in my area of expertise, I forward it to the appropriate forum. If you are not getting responses from other hosts of forum subjects, you need to contact them or the EWTN webmaster. I cannot help you.

Judie Brown