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Homosexual children??
Question from Kathleen on 05-29-2013:

What has become of the world? I am so glad I am nearly 60 and might not live another 30 years!! Why are we referring to children sexually? How can a child be heterosexual or homosexual or sexual at all?? Aren't they children? Why are we classifying them as how they have sex? Has everyone gone MAD? Have we fallen so far into the darkness that children can't be kids and enjoy life for a few years without the burden of sex acts either forced upon them or the world telling them that they ARE their appetites? They are NOT their temptations - they are God's innocent creatures and we are doing a damned poor job of protecting that! Why would any kid in Boy Scouts be referred to in sexual terms? Is Boy Scouts a sex club? I thought they did service and worked on badges and stuff. I didn't think it had to do with sex acts and sexuality. WHAT IS WRONG HERE??? Why do we TELL kids that they are homosexual?? When I was 12 my best friend ( a girl like me) was the love of my life - we shared everything from secrets to chewing gum. I grew up, I got married, I had kids and never had sex with a girl or a woman - nobody told me I was homosexual so it didn't occur to me that when I was so taken with my friend all those years ago that I might have been labled and branded and herded into a lifestyle that wasn't who I was at all. Nowadays a couple of 11 year old girls hold hands and we whisper and tell them they just lost their ability to live a good life and bear children and go to heaven someday - we TELL children what to do with their genitals when they are just innocent enough to love and be loved and aren't thinking about sex!! May I get run over by a large truck soon!!!! Boy Scouts and Homosexual kids!!! WHAT???

Answer by Judie Brown on 05-29-2013:


You are on the same page that I am and I think you will find a great deal of understanding from this article by Mary Meehan. Our culture is saturated in error, as we all know, but this article sheds very instructive light on the subject of homosexuality:

http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/resources/life-and-family/homosexuality/the- homosexual-condition-can-it-be-changed-prevented/

Judie Brown