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Church once ran Brothels ?
Question from Larry on 05-02-2013:

Judy yours is the only one open so hopefully you can find or give me a answer to this claim made by the History Channel. Any how they claim I believe starting in the 13th century the Church allowed brothels and taught it was OK to go to them. Then I believe they stated that the Pope and many Priest were regular customers but the Church stopped operating brothels because of the Reformation. judy I've read a lot of Church history both Catholic version and protestant and never read about the Brothels but of course of the corrupted Church leaders.

Answer by Judie Brown on 05-03-2013:

Dear Larry

The Catholic Church has never taught that prostitution was acceptable; it has always been defined as a sin.

Whether or not there were ordained priests who became customers at brothels is another matter. But even if this is true, which is possible, that does not equate with anyone stating that the actual doctrinal teachings of the Church changed on this subject; they did not. They cannot. Infallible teachings do not change.

Judie Brown

Judie Brown