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Sadness and Pending Chaos
Question from Tom Perrone on 04-30-2013:

Hi, Judie:

Our country previously celebrated returning war heroes, valiant police officers, and civilians who risked their lives for strangers or generously gave of themselves in benevolent, selfless, and morally upright ways.

Today, our country, from the White House, to fellow athletes, to the commisioner of a sport are " celebrating " a basketball player publicly acknowledging that he is homosexual.

I envy my relatives who passed before me who didn't have to witness these days.

If our country continues to divorce civil law from the natural law, which is the intrinsic moral compass that guides every human being regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof, then we are headed towards utter chaos, because every issue will be reduced and defended under a subjective and often distorted " pursuit of happiness " and mistaken views of " rights, " " freedom, " and " liberty. " Today, homosexuality is being foolishly advanced, tomorrow, it will likely be bigamy under the same specious argument.

My only solace is in knowing that God will have the final word.

Thank you.

Answer by Judie Brown on 04-30-2013:


I could not have said it better myself.

The race toward Hell is picking up a whole lot of speed, that is certain. Let us pray, fast and celebrate Our Lord and His saving grace.

Judie Brown