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Question from Julie on 04-28-2013:

My question is I have read in a study Bible with footnotes that the creation story regarding Adam and Eve was adapted from a similar culture's "fable" trying to alagorically explain our origin. If Adam and Eve were just that, a story, and not the actual people who passed on original sin, then how is the Incarnation of and Redemption by the second Person of the Trinity explained? Thank you.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 08-18-2013:

Dear Julie,

The answer is that Adam and Eve were real people. Thus their sin was real. Thus Christ really came down to redeem mankind from its sins. How do we know that Adam and Eve were real people? The Church has taught us that. It is the truth, then, that every human being on the earth today originated from Adam and Eve.

Dr. Geraghty