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Pope, feet, and babies
Question from Kevin on 04-27-2013:

Hi Judy,

Thanks for all of the hard work you do. I've read a lot of comments (here and elsewhere), regarding the Pope's foot washing this year during Holy Week. Some think it's great and some are really, really upset. To those in the latter category, I would simply urge them to get a sense of scale about the matter. There are babies being murdered out there every day ... and we're arguing over the Holy Week foot washing by the Pope? Seriously? I'm not saying that the Pope was or wasn't right. But surely we can expend our energy more fruitfully.

Keep up the good - and sometimes very lonely - work of fighting for those little babies who can't fight for themselves.

Yours in Christ, Kevin

Answer by Judie Brown on 04-30-2013:



Judie Brown