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Pro-life support of abortion providing hospital
Question from Tom Mockler on 04-26-2013:

When, if ever, is it permissible for a pro-life Catholic to financially support a hospital that provides abortions? I have been told that if you include a statement with your cheque saying that your donation is not to be used for anything related to abortion then your action is morally acceptable. I have also been told that any donation to an abortion providing hospital is not morally acceptable, no matter the circumstances. What does the Church say about this dilemma? Blessings Tom

Answer by Judie Brown on 04-30-2013:


I gave your question to Father William Kuchinsky, an American Life League advisor,and this is his response:

Dear Tom,

It is hard to think of a instance where it would be morally permissible donate to a hospital that provides abortions.

Although including a statement with the check that "the donation is not to be used for abortion" may diminish the possibility of scandal: it would be hard to imagine that (1) the note would even be read; and (2) there would be the means in place to make sure that the donation would not be used for the murder of the unborn. (Could ask myself: can the same moral conscience that deems it fit to kill babies in the womb be trusted to place my monetary gift into the right account?)

There are various circumstances that can present us with many considerations as we try to determine whether or not it is morally licit to contribute to such hospitals. But, in short, it would seem that the rule would be it "is not morally acceptable" to make such donations and the circumstances that would provide for an exception to the rule would seem so rare as to be practically non-existent, if even that!

Hope this helps, Tom

Judie Brown