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Re: Secularism
Question from Paul on 04-24-2013:

Hello Judy:

I think a huge problem in iour society today is that mnay (if not most) psychologists and counselors ansd school counselors, and marriage counselors hold a value system that is staunchly anti-life and pro-homosexual (to name a few of anti-natural law and anti-Catholic values). Most after graduating from grad school or after getting a doctorate would not even pass an RCIA class, if they wannted to be Catholic.

I see the big problem as: Catholics choose to recieve advice form people whio are basically spiritially blind in many areas (in that objectively they are in moratal sin). Sort of like getting couseling form ant-Catholic person who looks and sounds good and really wants to help, but only at the price of your wallet, your family, and your salvation.

Why do people listen to the pop tv talk sho pychologists and others who refuse to listen to the Church. We need more Catholic psychologists!!!!

Yes or no?



Answer by Judie Brown on 04-25-2013:

Dear Paul

Instead of psychologists perhaps what we really need is prayer and fasting and a restoration of love for God and the Natural Law.

Moral insanity such as that which exists today in America cannot be "treated" by laying a couch but rather kneeling before God.

Judie Brown