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Re: Quick Follow-Up
Question from Paul on 04-24-2013:

Hello Judy:

Although I have not read the latest Church documents, you did post that celibate homosexual oriented applicants to the Priesthood are now prohibited from being ordained?

My questions are: How are Seminaries going to determine if a candidate has a homosexual orientation? (what do they do when one decieves the foramators OR refuses to disclose). Second, what does the Church do with a large number of Clergy who are either out of the closet now or who are homosexually oriented but refuse to aknowledge this after post Ordination?

Thank you,


Answer by Judie Brown on 04-25-2013:


Great questions for the Vatican to answer, not me. I am not in charge of organizing the hierarchy so that they begin to clean up the priesthood and the seminaries.

Judie Brown