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Question from Paul on 04-18-2013:

Hello Judy,

I understand that there are very heroic police officers and soldiers who daily put their lives on the line very day and may have to use deadly force (i.e., the just war against drugs and terrorism).

That being said, there are also those that believe talking and praying about a situation is better. I personally believe it is both. No one just allows people to be slaughtered and look on - as a just and humane society.

That being said, with the known armed protection of the Vatican and the Pope, one could easily argue in defense of 2nd Amendment Right's to bear arms in light of an increasingly anti-life society to protect human life against terrorism and violent drug and porno trade that continue to prey on our society, especially when civil law is failing?


Answer by Judie Brown on 04-20-2013:


Totally correct. Thank you.

Judie Brown