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molar pregnancy
Question from anonymous on 04-18-2013:

If a molar pregnancy does not have a soul (as I've heard), which of the following is true? (a) an egg with no maternal dna which gets fertilized never has a soul and is just a sort of "pseudo-embryo" (b) such an egg produces a fatally malformed embryo whose body becomes a pathological growth after the soul's departure

Answer by Judie Brown on 04-20-2013:

Dear Anonymous

Here is a clinical definition of a molar pregnancy:

A molar pregnancy starts off a pregnancy which early on miscarried but the placental tissue keeps on growing abnormally. The molar tissue can become quite large and actually invades the uterine wall. They range from the benign hydatifiform mole to the invasive choriocarcinoma.

The pregnancy test will remain positive with extraordinarily high levels of hcg hormone but sonogram reveals no evidence of any pregnancy or recognizable fetal parts. The fetus which was originally present early on is now absorbed and destroyed by the process. Therefore after the D&C tissue is submitted to pathology to look for any signs of the malignant variety ...

As far as the actual question of the soul is concerned, since there is no actual human being in existence, but rather a genetically defective entity/tissue mass that mimics a pregnancy, there would not be a soul.

Judie Brown