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Re: Catholics Should Be Pacifist?
Question from Paul on 04-16-2013:

Hello Judy,

I admire St. Maximillian Kolbe; however, are not Catholics that stood up and fought against the unjust aggresor(Hitler's genocidal army) in the Warsaw ghetto (rather than being tortutred in the death camps) be considered as a type of heroic martyr?

AND, why does the Vatican Police have guards armed with sophisticated weapons (Or did I observe this incorrectly) when they elected our new Pope Francis?

Thnx again,


Answer by Judie Brown on 04-17-2013:

Dear Paul

There are many martyrs in history of the Church including those that died for the same of others and those who valiantly defend the Church and, in many cases, their fellow human beings such as those who stood up and fought against Hitler.

The guards in the Vatican are armed because there are many security risks and their job is to defend and protect the Holy Father.

Judie Brown