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barack obamma
Question from Paul on 04-04-2013:

What does the church have to say to Priests who endorse barack obamma and preach that he has no control over policies enacted during his administration??

Answer by Judie Brown on 04-08-2013:


If you are asking what the Bishops have to say to priests who support Obama, the answer is nothing!

In fact Cardinal Dolan wrote in his blog, after Obama was reelected, the following

It gets touchy when we try to analyze the presidential election with the lens of faith. Some assume that the re-election of the president was a setback for people of faith. That may be an exaggeration. There is no denying that the president and his party are on record in promoting guidelines that gravely intrude upon religious freedom, and in their desire to expand unfettered access to abortion at all stages. These two issues are of towering import to people inspired by the principles of human dignity and the sanctity of life.

The polls show that Catholics voted for the president, but that such support was lower than four years ago; and that Catholics who attend Sunday Mass regularly heavily supported his opponent. These statistics would support a contention that Catholics do indeed let their faith have a say in the politics.

Of course, through the eyes of faith, neither candidate was perfect, as no political leader ever can be.

Here is the link: ny.org/stories/Looking-Back-at-Election-Day,8444? content_source=&category_id=&search_filter=election&search_headline=&event_mo de=&event_ts_from=&list_type=&order_by=&order_sort=&content_class=&sub_type =stories&town_id=