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A Plea To Parents: Keep God in The Family
Question from James on 03-30-2013:

Dear Judy,

I just wanted to share the following article with everyone here on the forum. It's not technically a "pro-life" writing but it does have everything to do with today's Catholic family. It's a really powerful plea to those parents who for whatever reason find it hard to talk about their Catholic Faith at home and to pray with their kids. The article can be found on the main page of The God Street Journal at:


Thank you, Judy, for all you do for us on this forum!!!

Very sincerely,


Answer by Judie Brown on 04-02-2013:


Here is the exact link to the article, WHEN A FAMILY PRAYS TOGETHER: hegodstreetjournal.com/when-a-family-prays-together/

To my mind if we had loving, prayerful families in our nation today we would not have sexualized children using the pill and getting pregnant and then killing their babies. Yes this article has everything to do with pro-life.

Judie Brown