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SSAD and priesthood
Question from Bill Foley on 03-30-2013:


This is in response to one of the questions regarding same-sex-attraction disorder (SSAD) and the priesthood. Here is what Benedict XVI said in an interview with Peter Seewald, which can be found on pages 152-153 of Light of the World.

“Homosexuality is incompatible with the priestly vocation. Otherwise, celibacy itself would lose its meaning as a renunciation. It would be extremely dangerous if celibacy became a sort of pretext for bringing people into priesthood who don’t want to get married anyway. For, in the end, their attitude toward man and woman is somehow distorted, off centre, and, in any case, is not within the direction of creation of which we have spoken. The Congregation for Education issued a decision a few years ago to the effect that homosexual candidates cannot become priests because their sexual orientation estranges them from the proper sense of paternity, from the intrinsic nature of priestly being. The selection of candidates to the priesthood must therefore be very careful. The greatest attention is needed here in order to prevent the intrusion of this kind of ambiguity and to head off a situation where the celibacy of priests would practically end up being identified with the tendency to homosexuality”

Answer by Judie Brown on 04-02-2013:


Thank you for reminding me of this quotation

Judie Brown