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Cardinal Dolan
Question from Steve B on 03-27-2013:

Hi Judie, As any devout Catholic is aware of, the state of the Church continues to deteriorate. When Cardinal Dolan was first appointed to head the USCCB, I had hopes he would guide American bishops to a more strict adherence to the teachings of the Vatican. I guess it was misguided optimism because those hopes have long since been dashed. How discouraging it all is. Now I wonder if Pope Francis has the courage to rein in the actions of all these renegade bishops and disgraceful politicians receiving Communion. I don't see it happening in my lifetime. But, who knows? With God there's always hope. Here's more from Michael Voris: http://lesfemmes-thetruth.blogspot.com/2013/03/caiphas-nocardinal-dolan-who-loves-rich.html

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-30-2013:

Dear Steve

Given some time I believe Pope Francis will deal decisively with renegades not only the the Vatican Curia but everywhere.

Judie Brown