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Biden receives communion at St. Patrick's, NY
Question from Leah on 03-27-2013:

Dear Judy:

Please read this attached article regarding Joe Biden receiving Communion at Mass in St. Patrick's in NY. Cardinal Dolan was the Celebrant and had coffee with Biden after Mass. http://cal-catholic.com/wordpress/2013/03/26/biden-receives-communion-at-st-patricks-cathedral/

This is a scandal and outrageous! I will be writing a letter to the Cardinal. Having Obama for dinner was bad enough - but this is inexcusable. It should not have happened!

I did read the Broken Path and it was wonderful. We really need to pray for our Bishops.

Have a Blessed Holy Week and Easter. Many thanks for speaking Truth!


Answer by Judie Brown on 03-27-2013:


Thank you for the kind words about my book.

I pray that the Lord blesses you abundantly.

As far as the Cardinal is concerned, I simply have no idea what he is thinking other than placing political correctness ahead of his obligation to obey Church law.

Please pray for him.

Judie Brown