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Re: Clergy Abuse Scandal and Pro-lLife Correlation
Question from Paul on 03-26-2013:

Hi again Judy,

Has anyone asked if there is a correlation between those convicted of homosexual abuse and there stands on abortion in the Church?

Also, has anyone ever did a study to find out why so many homosexual men were attracted to the Priesthood (not that God does not call homosexual oriented men to the Priesthood)?

AND does one need to disclose one's sexual orientation at the time of application/admittance into the Seminary or a Religious Order (if so, how?)? - It seems to me that one should disclose what his gender is and what his sexual orientation is at the time of his application.



Answer by Judie Brown on 03-27-2013:


PFOX has published a very good article (not a study) on homosexuals and the priesthood http://pfox.org/Homosexuality_and_Priests.html

You will also find this article to be helpful: The Gay Priest Problem http://www.catholicculture.org/news/features/index.cfm?recnum=20565

I have seen no study or article correlating convict sex abusers with views on abortion.

Judie Brown