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RE: RE: Justice
Question from Reiner on 03-20-2013:

Mrs Judie,

A person wrote in and used the example of a former abortionist who now goes around the country giving talks about jow they were wrong. He then says along these lines if they want to atone, why don't they adopt. You stated they are not Catholic and so they do not know how to atone. May I explain:

--There are many non Catholics who adopt/ work with kids many years after they RENOUNCE and ASK GOD FORGIVENESS.

--Some may feel that by going around the country on speaking, they feel they are doing good--getting the information and educating others.

--May be they feel they themselves are not worthy of caring for a child but that they can do more by education of others.

--Maybe this is their Apostolate that God has Given them.

As for Non- Christians, they do have regrets too and desire to help. Only God knows and decides. But, DO NOT ASSUME that just because they are not Catholic, they do not know atonement or how to receive it. Walk a mile in a persons shoes before you JUDGE.

In Christian Love,


Answer by Judie Brown on 03-20-2013:

Dear Reiner

I was not judging at all and, upon reading your insightful comments, I rewrote my response.

Thank you.

Judie Brown