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birth control
Question from Danabal J on 03-19-2013:

I am from India , a Roman catholic.

I understand from the church catechism that contraception is a sin and any form of birth control measures are not permissible by our mother church. In India many catholic couples resort to sterilization or “tube tying.” of the wife after having two children to the maximum.After having planned a small family in this manner they happily live and take part in all church activities without any remorse.

What is the moral stand of the church for these couple(those with permanent sterilization operation or continually practicing artificial contraception) who are attending the mass and regularly partake in the Eucharist. ? If they confess their sin once, could they be absolved of the permanent birth control sin they had committed.?

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-20-2013:

Dear Danabel

If a Catholic couple knows and understands the Church teaching on sterilization as a grave moral evil and they go ahead and do it anyway, they have chosen to commit a mortal sin.

Judie Brown