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pro-life issues
Question from mfg on 03-18-2013:

Shouldn't we as American Catholics be vocal and straight forward in "calling out" our "Catholic" politicians who publicly support "abortion rights". Shouldn't their Bishops make it abundantly clear that until they change their positions on this and other immoral issues publicly they are not in communion with the Catholic Church. I have been taught that we are not allowed to bring public scandal to the church and in their public positions they are doing just that.

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-19-2013:

Dear MFG

Yes we should be vocal, and yes the Bishops should be clarifying the question about Catholics who publicly support abortion and the fact that they MAY NOT receive the body of Christ in Holy Communion.

The fact is there is an enormous amount of scandal today because of the inaction of the BISHOPS and their lack of leadership. I wrote the book, THE BROKEN PATH to address this very thing.

Judie Brown