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Re: Justice
Question from Paul on 03-17-2013:

Dear Judy:

How does a person who is directly involved in an abortion atone. In that the CCC says that, if a person steals money, if possible the money needs to be replaced. A life can not be replaced nor does the person do 20+ years in prison (justice) for taking an innocent human beings life.

I see many former abortionist saying what they did was wrong and going around the country and telling why. To me that is showmanship, atonement would be adopting kids and working an an orphanage?


Answer by Judie Brown on 03-19-2013:


The question you raise is profound but you have to realize that some of those who go around the country speaking about their experience are individuals who have had to deal with the reality of what they actually did by choosing abortion and perhaps believe that by doing what they have chosen to do they will open the eyes of others to the horror of abortion. We do not know whether nor not they are atoning and should not judge them.

There are those like Bernard Nathanson, for example, who touched the lives of only God knows how may by sharing his story. The path that he chose led him to conversion to Catholicism. This reminds me that God writes with crooked pencils ... each of us are broken.

If you have the chance to read Dr. Nathanson's book, THE HAND OF GOD, you will see that indeed the sincere soul does atone, repent and serve the will of God.

Judie Brown