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A 20 year old going to college?
Question from Katherine on 03-16-2013:

My younger sister is 20 yrs. old, and will be going out of state to college soon. However, I was very upset to learn that although she has reached adulthood, she is not knowedgeable about sex at all. (For instance, she does not know the basic anatomy of the male body, how a child is conceived, etc.) She desires to have this conversation with her mother, but the latter refuses. She feels to awkward speaking about it with me. How should I handle this situation? I am concerned for both her spiritual and her bodily welfare. . .thank you, God Bless. Katherine H.

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-19-2013:

Dear Katherine

This is a very difficult situation for you to be in, but you are talking about someone who is 20 years of age, an adult who is seeking information. I do not think that you should hesitate to share information with her in the context of Catholic teaching.

You might purchase the book, THEOLOGY OF THE BODY FOR BEGINNERS and share it with her http://www.amazon.com/Theology-The-Body-For- Beginners/dp/1932645349

There are other resources as well, particularly Mary Beth Bonnacci's REAL LOVE website which is fantastic.

Judie Brown