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obligation to use natural family planning
Question from William J. Klepatsky on 03-13-2013:

Why does not the church oblidge impoverished catholics in situations which would bring about torture and death of any offspring to use natural family planning. The global population crisis extant during the time of Genesis has ended millenia past. Those having children in contemporary situations where others have to make serious sacrifices to attempt to support other's children should have there situations addressed by the catechism. People in those situations should be informed that for them to knowingly engage in relations which would bring about pregnancy are guilty of MORTAL SIN. It is larceny and theft on the part of impoverished couples to put in to the world children which others who may be seriously financially burdened would be "guilt tripped" into handicapping there own children to support others sexual lust. God tells us we all have an obligation to use our minds and bodies in the spirit of charity to not deliberately and recklessly make ourselves or our families deliberately a burden to others. To do so is larceny, theft, laziness, lust and sloth. William J. Klepatsky willsky3@aol.com

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-16-2013:

Dear William

The Catholic teaching on the spacing of children is a beautiful affirmation of life, it is not a burden. The scenario that you describe regarding "torture and death" does not suggest that children should be killed by birth control methods but rather that the cultural attitude toward children and families is askew.

Please read http://www.all.org/article/index/id/MjYwNg/

Your morbid judgments about what it means to commit a mortal sin are not in keeping with Catholic teaching, with basic human kindness and charity and frankly are inhumane. I hope you will rethink what you wrote here in light of the article to which I gave reference.

Please study Catholic teaching.

Judie Brown